WonderWork Women's Pull-On Cargo Pant

128.70 SR
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The Women’s Pull-On Cargo Pant by WonderWORK is designed to create an instant slimming look that flatters all shapes and sizes. The updated design with a special motion stretch, high thread count fabric is tailored to match the curves of your body for a comfortable feel. This pant offers a full elastic waistband that sits just below the natural waist with a higher back rise for ample coverage. Our pull-on cargo pant goes above and beyond traditional industry standards at a tremendous value. 



  • Straight leg opening
  • Stretch flexible
  • Fill elastic waist
  • Front rise sits slightly below natural waist
  • Back rise a bit higher for coverage
  • 4 Pockets: Two roomy slash pockets, one large cargo pocket, one pen pocket and once cell pocket
  • Utility loop
  • Item code: 501


65% Polyester

35% Cotton Active Twill

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