Plantica Labcoat From Classico


Plantica Labcoat from Classico is the perfect balance of feminine and formal with floral accents that create a warm atmosphere in the workplace.

·        Stretchable

·        Wrinkle-free

·        Non-see through

·        Moisture-wicking

·        Anti-static

·        Stain-resistant


تفاصيل المنتج

  • Plantica Labcoat From Classico is A lab coat for women featuring delicate floral designs by Plantica.

     Select from three distinct floral motifs incorporated in the lining, inner cuffs, chest pocket, and button covers. Two popular colorways — navy blue and pink 

     This three-button offering takes inspiration from the classic Chesterfield coat with a slightly shaped waist, as well as a narrow V-shape neckline with a wide collar notch lapel that balances the coat’s complementary A-line silhouette. Functional features include large side pockets that can fit a 7.5” tablet, a single left side chest pocket, and bracelet-length sleeves that not only make the arms appear fashionably longer but help prevent the sleeves from getting in the way while treating patients or washing up.

    * Please remove button covers before washing as they may become damaged

    when washed in medical facility laundry machines.*

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المقاس 2XL
القماش مركب
الماركة كلاسيكو
اللون Pink
Unit inch
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