DrsLounge comes with a Saudi base, mainly from Riyadh, its an offline and online high-quality medical store, founded by a passionate
group of medical doctors who love to work with style Drs.lounge was first announced in the year of 2014 in its first store ever in Riyadh
city, and with love it started to spread around Saudi Arabia moving to qassim at 2015 then to Jeddah the next year, with such successful path
Drs.lounge announced its second branch in Riyadh city at 2017 and then its second branch at Jeddah city at 2018. With such spreading
and high request from the world, Drs.lounge launched an online store at 2019 and to cover as much as possible with its unique concept of
style then we launched our third branch in Riyadh at 2020 , it launched its first branch in ALkhobar city at 2020.



Whoes drs.lounge?

DrsLounge is a Saudi based high quality medical store, founded by a passionate stylish doctor who
likes to work with style with an authorised agent for more than 22 high quality brands offering
comfortable, luxurious medial apparel and all types of accessories and selections.


Where is the product country of origin?

USA – japan – Italy – china


Who’s your main clients?

Health care worker and university student


What are the accredited franchises?

We offer 3 Types of franchisees:

  1. Single Unit
  2. Area Development
  3. And Master Franchising


Why we plan to franchise?

  • Unique business
  • To reach the whole world
  • Desire to spread rapidly
  • Products are wanted (requested)
  • Exclusive brand


How long is the franchise contract?

From 10 to 20 years renewed every 5 years


Whose responsibility is to find a franchise location?

We will assist you in to select and obtain a site by Providing location selection guidelines and
evaluating any sites you identify as potential locations for your Dr.s’ Lounge.
As well as we make a market study for the city you want your investment in.


Expansion plan of the franchise?

Phase one : Cover Saudi Arabia

Phase two : GCC and middle east

Phase three : Europe and Asia


Types of stores?

We offer 3 options:

  1. The Flagship 300 – 370 m
  2. The Store 220 – 250 m
  3. The Boutique 120 – 150 m


Support types?

  • Yearly visits
  • Support from franchise managing dept.
  • IT support
  • Marketing support
  • Human rescues support
  • Logistic support
  • Premont training and support
  • Providing you with Market Analysis
  • Supporting you in Construction plans
  • Support in Definition of new products


Period of Investment returns?

2 to 3 years


Do you have a support team dedicated to tech?

Yes we have a professional team.


What about training program?

There will be a training program for:

  • Owners
  • Area manager
  • Accountant
  • As well as an ongoing (before opening) training support


Social media accounts and website?

  • Offline marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Report and analyses
  • Opening
  • Twitter loungedrs
  • Instagram - snapchat: drslounge
  • Website : Drslounge.com


Do you have a customer support team?

Yes , we have a dedicated support team.


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