Our story.. 

In the Second Quarter of 2013, a group of Authusiatic Medical Doctors working in Riyadh came up with the idea, suffering a lot finding and obtaining Luxurious, comfortable and professional Medical Outfit and Supplies. 

And since it‘s not available in the local Market away that satisfies all tastes and covers all needs. This Suffering made them ask from abroad, and that is difficult in terms of selection of different sizes, speed of access and shipping costs. And Here it comes Dr.s‘ Lounge.. 

Dr.s' Lounge is an authorized agent for a high quality international medical outfit brands, and it is specialized medical apparel that offers a wide range of medical uniforms & accessories. 

Starting from two brands and expanded to include more than 22 brands, combining all that you need in one place. 

Currently, we can reach out everyone with our online sales that make the shopping experience very comfortable



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Saudi Arabia -  Riyadh

Email : [email protected]

Phone :+966 50 787 2321